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We are excited to announce that beginning May 1, the Grand Island Waddell & Reed office will be starting a new chapter:  transitioning to our new name - Flatwater Wealth. 

As we prepare for the transition from Waddell & Reed to LPL Financial, we felt this was an appropriate time to rebrand our office at the local level.  As we move forward, correspondence from our office will be branded with the Flatwater Wealth name, logo, and color scheme. 

While the name of our office is changing, here are some items that will remain the same:

     - Our phone number and address are still the same.

     - All members of the team will remain.

     - The name change will not affect how your accounts will be handled going forward.

Simply put, the Grand Island office of Waddell & Reed will now be operating under the name Flatwater Wealth.

We couldn't be happier about the name change and the opportunity to continue to work together with you to pursue your financial goals.  

As always, please call with any questions, or if you'd just like to chat!

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