Dan Carlson

Client Services Associate

"I’ve been involved in many different concert, jazz, and marching bands from 5th grade through my senior year of college – a total of 13 years. Something I’ve learned from those experiences is that everyone has a part to play, and that every part is important. Flatwater Wealth incorporates these same values of teamwork and collaboration to best meet the needs of our clients. I’m happy to play my part as we work to reach our goal - helping you reach yours.”

  • My parents were (and remain) exceptional role models to me. They cared for a large family yet still made time to courageously help others.  Their generous nature set a tremendous example for me and my siblings
  • I am a Grand Island native and graduated from Northwest High School.
  • Even though my wife, Brenda, and I both attended Grand Island Northwest, our paths never crossed.  We ended up meeting during my Senior year of college.  They do say that “timing is everything.”
  • I initially believed that I would pursue a career teaching music, but decided to change paths halfway through college. Instead of teaching, I double majored, and earned a BS degree in Organizational Communication and Music from the University of Nebraska – Kearney. 
  • Coupling my natural curiosity and love of problem solving with my artistic side lends itself to creativity in many arenas.  (I may or may not have been caught drawing comics in class when I should have been paying attention to my teacher.)
  • One of ways in which I channel my creativity and problem solving is by designing board games. When I was young, my family enjoyed regular game nights, which ignited my curiosity to eventually create my own.